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Production Year: 2018
Theatrical Release Date: 2018
Production Company: Matilda Lambert Productions
Producer: Matilda Lambert
Director: Chima Igbokwe
D.O.P: Sebastian Ikani
Editor: Thomas Ochuko
Story: Chima Igbokwe
Costume: Uche Nancy
Makeup: Valentine Vincent & Mercy
Duration: H1:10M
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Awards: N/A



Marion, a 28 years old female architect sets out to start up a Construction Firm with the best hands she can get. One month after the start up, she realizes she needs a Digital PR Consultant to help boost her Brand’s image. The handsome Jim Franklin is recommended. He is the best in town. The only problem here is that he is not just only a professional in Digital PR but he is also professional in winning ladies’ hearts. Along the line, love happens and then again, dusts from Jim’s past rise. Marion will not take that. She reconsiders making up with Tamuno but Jim is truly in love this time and he will go to the end of the world to prove it.

CAST: Einna Nwigwe, Matilda Lambert, Lilian Esoro, Eniola Badmus, Apama Igwe, Nichole Banna, Ella Mensah, Calista Okoronkwo…