Deepest Cut



Production Year: 2017
Theatrical Release Date: 2017
Production Company: Matilda Lambert Productions
Producer: Matilda Lambert
Director: Pascal Amanfo
D.O.P: Femi Bamidel
Editor: Godswil Friday Inyang
Story: Chima Igbokwe
Costume: Ogo Okechi
Makeup: Vinest Makeover
Duration: H1:20M
Genre: Drama
Awards: 5 Nominations
(Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards – HAPA 2018)



When the scars of the past refuses to wipe, new scars may yet be inflicted. Tonye’s experience at the IDPs camp as a child mould him into an unstoppable monster who preys on all that crosses his path. Love becomes an alien virtue when morality fails to germinate. Still, he must have his way with Clara in “DEEPEST CUT” The Movie.
An eclectic tale against the adverse effects of rape, violence, insurgencies and betrayal.

CAST: Majid Michel, Zack Orji, Segun Arinze, Matilda Lambert, Fredrick Leonard, Larry Coldsweat, Nicole Banna, Titi Joseph, Chinyere Wilfred, Mickey Odey, Femi Afolabi