About Us

Matilda Lambert Productions started operations in August 2016 and has been dedicated to the production of high quality, award winning blockbuster movie projects such that inspires people around the globe to be more devoted and committed towards positive ideal, moral and just causes.

With an in-depth work force and an in-house studio with state-of-the-art infrastructure, our vision at MLP is to become a leading global production company that is recognized as a sustainable solution to all production needs, hence we always race against ourselves whilst raising the standard of excellence with our every endeavor.


Our values guide our behavior, inform our interpersonal code of conduct and at MLP, we persistently honor our personal core values, hence our product and services are nothing short of excellence in all its ramifications.


At MLP, our core services ranges from movies to series productions, both TV and web plus advert jingles down to exclusive events coverage plus documentaries… these and more are the services we render at Matilda Lambert Productions, making us your number 1 go-to-source for all things production.